Friday, 18 May 2007

Let's do it!

Some specs on the Travco:

Lenght: 27ft
Engine: Dodge 440-3, 375hp
Transmission: Dodge 727 3 speed auto.
Rear end: Dana 4.56
Weight: around 14000lbs
Generator: Onan 6000W
Central heating, shower, microwave oven, central vaccum, air conditionning.

Here's the floorplan from the original manual:

This motorhome is is pretty good shape considering it's over 30 years old. A quick mechanical check up didn't reveal anything serious. The engine starts right away and runs great, the transmission shifts normally, the brakes and the six Michelin tires are almost new, road handling is good.

First observations:

-the paint is not the best looking (not just the color choice but the paint itself). It's probably an automotive-type paint, and from the look of a few scratches it appears that the paint doesn't stick very hard to the underlying fiberglass body. The thin red decorative stripes between the blue and the gray part is peeling off at many places. The paint job seem to be 10 or 12 years old.

-There are many water leaks, especially at the front windshields and at the rear window.

-The fridge (original) is an electric-only model. There is no LP gas mode. Apparently the LP gas fridge was optional back then. Dad will have to shop around for a propane fridge.

-Many things will have to be fixed, repaired or improved, because they've been previously installed incorrectly. Many botched jobs. Like the awning post supports, they look like simple pieces of metal hammered down into an approximate shape, bolted to the body with wooden blocks as spacers. There are many examples like this, things that will take time and a lot of work to fix.

-There is some rust under the front wheel wells.

-Mom doesn't like the color of the fabric used for the cushions and curtains. The fabric is of good quality, but I agree the green and pink colors are not very nice. Mom has replaced all the fabrics in the Class C, I guess she will do it again in the Travco.

But these are all small details. Dad's priorities for now are:
-seal the water leaks
-make sure the drivetrain (engine/transmission/differential/bearings/brakes etc.) don't require immediate attention and the vehicle is safe to drive.

If no serious issues show up, the Class C will be immidiately put up for sale. The target is to go camping with the Blue Whale this summer, and they already have reservations for the June 23rd weekend at the Stoneham Campground...

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