Sunday, 29 August 2010

Magazine star!

Wherever it goes, the Blue Whale doesn't go unnoticed. I guess this blog helps somewhat: last May I was contacted via the french side of this blog by a journalist from the french-language Camping Caravaning magazine, published by Féderation Québécoise de Camping et Caravaning (FQCC - Quebec's campers and RVers federation, the largest campers and RVers association in Canada) who wanted to write an article about the "2nd life of RVs". I quickly put her in touch with Dad, a phone interview followed, and I sent a few pictures of the Blue Whale.

Once again, Dad was astonished by the interest for his works on his old motorhome. I was surprised too, since Dad is not even an FQCC member, but I was also proud of the recognition it brought on all the work he put into the Travco, and I knew Dad would be more than happy to chat with the lady about his old motorhome.

So we patiently waited til the August 2010 issue came out. And there it was, on page 73, an very well written article on Dad and the Blue Whale. Under the title "Second début pour un vieux VR" ("Second start for an old RV") the article tells the story of when Dad bought the Travco, all the work he put in it, there's a picture of the motorhome and the ULR of the blog.

Dad was glad, but he's kind of used to it now: this was not his first time in a magazine. Two years ago my younger brother wrote an article about Dad, for the Motoneige Quebec magazine, a french-language Snowmobile magazine. A long time snowmobiler, Dad had actually built his own snow machine back in the late 50's. My brother - a hardcore snowmobiler himself - tought this was no ordinary story, and he wrote the article, without telling Dad about it. His text was published in the January-February 2009 issue of the magazine. Dad was surprised to say the least, but then truly touched, as this came from his son.

Anyway... quite a few people since has met my parents, saying they saw the Blue Whale in the FQCC magazine, and a few left comments in the blog, which is always appreciated. Tnanks to all.

Summer vacations

This year's travel plans have been delayed a bit, Mom's health having played a few tricks on her. Once she felt better, the Whale left Quebec City, travelled in the Gaspé and northern New-Brunswick area for about 10 days. Nice relaxing vacations, not a single issue with the Travco on this 2000 km trip, and the Whale is always a favorite among other RVs.
The Blue Whale is back on the road as I write this, heading for Charlevoix and Lac St-Jean for another 10 days or so.