Thursday, 6 December 2007


The day after we parked the Whale at the end of Dad's yard, about 4 inches of snow fell. That was the first snow of the season, it never melted, and it's been snowing regularly since.

During the following days, Dad built the temporary shelter that will protect the Whale during winter. Dad had already built a similar shelter over he last years for it's Class C.

The shelter is made with a huge plastic tarp (one of those blue tarps) held up by a steel wire strung lenghtwise over the vehicle.

Before he put the tarp on, Dad slightly raised the vehicle in order to relief the suspension and tires.

The Whale has probably never seen so much care taken to get her ready for winter, but Dad likes to "protect it's investment" as he likes to say. The tarp doesn't cost much, the Whale will stay dry and Dad will have the peace of mind.

Winter came quickly this year. Three days ago we had a dump of about 30 cm of snow, we are probably up to 50cm or so right now, and when I took these photos this afternoon the temperature was around -15.

This post is probably the last for 2007. I'll be back next spring, as soon as Dad starts to work on the Whale again.
Thanks to all!

See ya!